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SUBSCRIBE - Understand the threads

What CaptchaAI threads mean!

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CaptchaAI is using the threads system to calculate your allowed solving captchas according to your plan.

Not like other captcha solvers, we will not charge you for every solved captcha, we offer unlimited solving limited by threads.

What is thread?

CaptchaAI threads are the number of simultaneous API calls to solve a captcha using our service at the same time. The more captcha threads you have, the greater number of Captcha you can solve at the same time.

So for example if your plan is 50 threads, You will able to send up to 50 captchas on-time, then wait until some captchas solved, and then you will allowed to send more captchas for solving again.

For reCAPTCHA v2 the average solving time is 25 seconds, then if you send 50 captchas you should wait 25 seconds and once solved you will get free slots and able to send more captchas again.

If the send reCAPTCHA is hard then it may takes average maximum of 250 second. If it didn't solved within 250 sec. we will return error that the captcha unsolvable.

The thread will getting free again after 120 seconds if it is still processing, so if you 50 hard to solve captchas what take 180 second, Your threads will be free after only 120 seconds and you will able to send new tasks again.

Here you will able to see live data about your working threads.

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