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SUBSCRIBE - Upgrade Subscription

Learn how to increase your threads

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If I subscribe to another plan, What happens to my current threads?

If you already subscribed to a plan and decided to increase your threads. You will just need to subscribe to another plan.
โ€‹You will get the total threads of 2 subscribed plans.

EX. You subscribed to the "ADVANCE" plan have 50 threads,

Then a few days later, you decided to increase your threads up to 250 threads

In this case, you just need to get new 200 additional threads which means you just need to subscribe to "ENTERPRISE".

Congrats, Now you have Active 250 threads

Whatever the new plan that you subscribe, it will end after a month of the subscription date, while the older plan will end on its end date "after a month passed of the subscription date"

For EX. Let's suppose that you subscribed to the first plan on 1-11-2022

and subscribed to another new plan on 15-11-2022

So the first plan should end on 1-12-2022

And the newer plan ends on 15-12-2022

That's all :)

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