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SUBSCRIBE - Subscribe to CaptchaAI and start solving reCaptcha, hCaptcha, ...etc
SUBSCRIBE - Subscribe to CaptchaAI and start solving reCaptcha, hCaptcha, ...etc
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To start solving Captcha using CaptchaAI service, you need to subscribe to CaptchaAI plan first!

Let's do it in few seconds!

First, log in to your CaptchaAI account by clicking on "Login" button

Just add your Email address & Password, click "Sign in"

Now, there are two options to subscribe to your plan

1. Subscribe to Plan directly using PayPal as the Payment option
and in this case just scroll down on the home page till you find CaptchaAI plans

Select the plan that you like and complete the purchase by paying through PayPal

You will be directed to PayPal Login

Login to your PayPal account and complete your payment.

Once it's done successfully, You should have the threads that you just bought in your Total live threads on your dashboard

2. Add Balance to your account first, then use it as the Payment option in subscribing to your plan

Go to your dashboard

Click on Add Funds

Choose the payment method that you like to pay with
PayPal, PayPro Global, or Bitcoin

You will be directed to add the required info for completing your payment.

Once the payment is added, you should see it in Your Balance

Now, you have only a balance in your account, but you don't have active CaptchaAI threads yet
So you will not able to start solving captcha till you have active threads

To buy active threads, Just click on "Buy Threads"

You will be directed to CaptchaAI Plans

Choose the plan that you like and which suits the balance that you added in your account
In another mean, If you added $170 to your account, choose the "Premium" plan
The "Corporate" and "Enterprise" plans will not be suitable for you.

Choose "Pay with balance" option

If your balance is enough for subscribing to this plan, the subscription will be completed successfully.

So you will be ready to start solving captcha too.

To check the current plans that you are subscribed to, Click "Orders" in your dashboard

You will find the subscription details; how many threads, start date & end date

Congrats, No worries about solving captcha from now ^^

After you subscribed need more threads? You may need to check Upgrade subscription

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