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How to solve AYCD Captcha using CaptchaAI
How to solve AYCD Captcha using CaptchaAI

Learn how to integrate CaptchaAI services to solve AYCD captchas

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AYCD is an automation service provider. It has a lot of tools that are key to the botting industry, and it with – automation can be done right in a simple way without you dealing with a lot of technicalities.

AYCD is supporting CaptchaAI api key. Thanks developers; they have added CaptchaAI as a captcha solver, you can easily integrate and solve reCaptcha v2 using CaptchaAI.

Before you start you can check how to start if you need to learn more about CaptchaAI.

First, you need to Log in to your account on CaptchaAI to get your key from here

CaptchaAI is available in AYCD Captcha options!

Create an account on AYCD,

Choose CaptchaAI in AYCD Autosolve captcha options

Then, Add your API Key on CaptchaAI which you already copied on the first step

Once you added your CaptchaAI API Key and all is set, it should solve successfully

It seems that all is set and ready to run the software,

In this way, The captcha should be solved via CaptchaAI

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