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The use of Cookies in improving the results' quality
The use of Cookies in improving the results' quality

How to send your cookie to get better results

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Why when using ReCaptcha in the browser, the "green checkmark" is often obtained immediately in one click?

  1. Your browser has cookies with a good reputation

  2. You don't make too many requests

The combination of good Cookies and automatic ReCaptcha solvers also results in positive results:

for reCaptcha v2, there will be fewer tasks issued, resulting in faster solutions,

and for reCaptcha v3, there will be a higher score (level of "human likeness"), which is also very important, especially on popular sites with a high level of security.

Cookies can be assigned to streams via an API request in CaptchaAI.

First, How to get cookies?

You can take it from your own browser, by using a request interceptor (such as Fiddler), or by pressing F12:

  1. Go to Google Chrome & navigate

  2. Press F12 and depending on the browser, go to the tab

- in Chrome, Search for anything after pressing F12, select the "Network" tab, there - Headers, and also select any request directed to, then select the "Cookie" header:

Cookie is important to get higher speed in reCaptcha v2 & higher score in reCaptcha v3 and to pass the reCaptcha enterprise.

Include your cookie in your request as per our documentation here.


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