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CaptchaAI Chrome Extension - Captcha Solver Browser Extension
CaptchaAI Chrome Extension - Captcha Solver Browser Extension

CaptchaAI - Captcha Solver - Chrome extension

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With CaptchaAI Solver plugin, you can automatically solve CAPTCHAs on any webpage.

CaptchaAI solver browser extension finds CAPTCHAs on a page and automatically bypasses them.

To Start using CaptchaAI chrome extension, Let's perform the following steps:

  1. Click "Add To Chrome"

3. A verification message will appear to verify adding the extension your Chrome browser, Just Click "Add Extension"

Congrats! The CaptchaAI- Captcha Solver Extension is now available in your Chrome Extensions ^^

You Can Find it available in Your Chrome Extensions

To Start using it, You just need to continue with simple steps for activating it;

Let's do that together!

4. Add Your API Key, You just need to copy it from the API Key Page

  1. Paste Your API Key in API-KEY Label

  2. Click "Login"

You will get a notification message that the extension is successfully connected with your CaptchaAI account

Just Click "OK"

#Note: If you don't have CaptchaAI account yet, Just Click "Create Account"

Then Click "Register"

Register with Your email address & Password

  1. Copy Your API Key from the API Key Page and paste it into the extension login page

  2. Click "Login"

Now, All is set!

To check the Extension settings, Click on the CaptchaAI extension icon in the top bar

And Make Sure That The Plugin is Enabled!

#Important Note:

To be able to use the extension in solving Captchas, You need to have Active Threads in Your CaptchaAI Account

❗️ You have the chance now to get Free 1 Thread for A month for using CaptchaAI Extension, Ask for your Free 1 thread by Contacting Support

Additional guidelines about the Extension settings:

  1. Make Sure You Have Active Threads, It must be more than 0

  2. Enable Plugin

    Enables HTML code analysis.

  3. Submit forms automatically

    This Option Enables the automatic submission of forms upon receiving a resolution. Please be extra careful with this option. Some web forms doesn't have validation of data indicated. It leads to page refresh with an error message indicating fields to be filled. Extension will send a new resolution request to API and then will send a form again and again until you close this browser tab or you don’t have active threads on CaptchaAI

    - Delay

    You may set up a delayed automatic submission, indicating amount of seconds of the delay.

    - If error happens, repeat

    Try to send a request again if a solution didn't work or extension failed to send challenge to Please note, if a website refuse to accept a resolution from extension, will refresh a page and extension will detect it as a new page. Even if this option is not enabled, an extension send a request to server.

    - Delay

    You may set up a delay for repeat of submission, indicating amount of seconds of delay.

    - Enabled / Solve automatically

    Check options accordingly for every Captcha type.

  4. Put a checkmark on reCaptcha V2, If you want to solve this type

  5. Put a checkmark on reCaptcha V2 Invisible, If you want to solve this type

  6. Put a checkmark on reCaptcha V3, If you want to solve this type and set the minutes score

  7. Put a checkmark on hCaptcha, If you want to solve this type

8. Use Proxy

Control the Proxy settings by putting a checkmark on "Use Proxy"

Enable this option if you want a captcha to be solved via your proxy server.

9. Proxy type

Indicate proxy type. We only support HTTP. HTTPS. SOCKS4 and SOCKS5. We can't detect proxy type automatically so you have to indicate it.

10. login:[email protected]:3128

Indicate your proxy address, port and credentials accordingly. If your proxy doesn't need authorization, leave only IP and port: ""

Don't forget to allow access to your proxy from our IP Our requests will be tunneled from our gateway, so we will never have direct access to your proxy.

Now, You Can Start Solving captcha and CaptchaAI will do the job for you!

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