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TEST - Test CaptchaAI services by using CaptchaAI Chrome Extension
TEST - Test CaptchaAI services by using CaptchaAI Chrome Extension

Test solving reCaptcha & hCaptcha with CaptchaAI Chrome Extension

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CaptchaAI is ready anytime to help you solve the biggest amount of Captchas, at the easiest way and at the lowest price ever.

Let’s test it together!

At first, you need to subscribe to one of CaptchaAI Threads Plans starting from the Basic plan
If you need further support in this step, check the Subscribe to CaptchaAI article

Subscribe via PayPal or pay with balance if you have funds in your CaptchaAI balance

After you finish the subscription step, We will move to the next step which is "Setup CaptchAI Chrome Extension"

To Start using CaptchaAI chrome extension, Let's perform the following steps:

  1. Click "Add To Chrome"

3. A verification message will appear to verify adding the extension your Chrome browser, Just Click "Add Extension"

Congrats! The CaptchaAI- Captcha Solver Extension is now available in your Chrome Extensions ^^

To Start using it, You just need to continue with simple steps for activating it:

4. Add Your API Key, You just need to copy it from the API Key Page

  1. Paste Your API Key in API-KEY Label

  2. Click "Login"

You will get a notification message that the extension is successfully connected with your CaptchaAI account

Just Click "OK"

Now, All is set!

To check the Extension settings, Click on the CaptchaAI extension icon in the top bar

And Make Sure That The Plugin is Enabled!

#Important Note:

To be able to use the extension in solving Captchas, You need to have Active Threads in Your CaptchaAI Account

❗️ You have the chance now to get Free 1 Thread for A month for using CaptchaAI Extension, Ask for your Free 1 thread by Contacting Support

The screenshots below show the Extension settings:

Note #1: Make Sure You Have Active Threads, It must be any value more than 0

Note #2: For More details about the extension settings, Please check CaptchaAI Chrome Extension Article.

To begin testing reCaptcha solving, Just go to reCAPTCHA V2 Demo to start test solving reCAPTCHA V2

You will find that the existing reCAPTCHA is started to be solved automatically by CaptchaAI Chrome Extension

Also, You can test hCaptcha Solving by navigating to hCaptcha Demo to start test solving hCaptcha automatically by CaptchaAI Chrome Extension

Now, You are all set, and you are ready to solve unlimited captchas with CaptchaAI services.

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