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Obtain further knowledge about Custom Image Modules!
Obtain further knowledge about Custom Image Modules!

Learn about Custom Image Modules as a better solution in solving Image Captcha!

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Many software users frequently encounter Image Captcha challenges.

In this article, we aim to help you understand what is Custom Image Modules & how it can enhance your captcha-solving experience and deliver superior results.

As with CaptchaAI you can solve 27,500+ image captchas,

You can use custom image modules that help you get rid of the limitations of normal Captchas, which consist of distorted yet human-readable text.

With these custom image modules, solving image Captchas goes beyond the traditional approach.

To solve the Normal captcha with our service you have to submit the image with HTTP POST request to our API URL:
Server accepts images in multipart or base64 format.

And For image captcha, now you can use instead of in.php to directly get the results.

What's the POST request parameter of custom image modules for

POST parameter







Choose from custom image modules for perfect results.
List of available modules:

  • common-1

  • common-2

  • collection-1

  • collection-2

  • collection-3

  • collection-4

  • collection-5

  • ...

For more details about the parameters including sample forms, Check this API documentation

There is a diverse selection of custom image modules for solving image Captchas.
You have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of modules tailored to the specific type of Captcha you're encountering.

Simply check out the detailed information here, including the module's Code, Name, and description, to make your selection.

No matter what type of image Captcha you come across, CaptchaAI has you covered. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our customizable solutions today!

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