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START - Choose The Integration Way for Solving captchas!
START - Choose The Integration Way for Solving captchas!

Learn how to solve normal captcha, reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, etc... using CaptchaAI services

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Note: The guide that's Shared through this article is Simple & briefed

โ€‹For a more detailed guide on how to start using CaptchaAI services and perform the integration steps Check this article >> How to start using CaptchaAI!

Now you have your CaptchaAI API key, if still don't know how to do this, check How to Get Started

We have 2 ways to integrate with submission bots or software;

1. if you found an option for CaptchaAI
Then use your API directly on the software, check your balance you should see your threads as a balance, so if you subscribed for the 15 threads plan You should see your balance 15

2. If we cannot found CaptchaAI option but we can see 2Captcha option;

In this case we will use the 2Captcha integration and emulate it to use CaptchaAI services.

You can use our emulator to simulate the 2Captcha services and use your CaptchaAI key instead of the 2Captcha key, this mean you will use our services instead of 2Captcha
โ€‹Download CaptchaAI Emulator from here
Then follow the steps in How to start
Or learn how to use CaptchaAI emulator

After that in your software, choose 2captcha option and write your CaptchaAI key amd check balance.

Your should see your threads as a balance.

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