RankerX doesn't have the option to directly connect to CaptchaAI services, we already contacted them, but until they add our services you can use CaptchaAI emulator to solve RankerX captchas.

Before you start you can check how to start if you need to learn more about CaptchaAI.

First, you need to Log in to your account on CaptchaAI to get your key from here https://www.captchaai.com/api.php

Install and run CaptchaAI emulator, download CaptchaAI emulator from here

Need more help Learn how to use CaptchaAI emulator

Now go to the RankerX Setting page.

Go to Captcha tap. Update the Key input with your key. You can also use it as a backup service.

Here you should choose 2captcha
Then Add your CaptchaAI key in the key input
Click Check Balance. If everything is set you will should se the number of your threads, but if there is any problem in the Key or app setting you will get an “invalid login”

👉 Note: Balance in our case refers to Your CaptchaAI Threads.

Finally, Do the same thing in Google Captcha tap

All is set now, RankerX is now connected to CaptchaAI services.

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