CaptchaAI offers the best rates in solving reCaptcha v2, v3, etc... and hCaptcha as well.

For only $15 per month (fixed fees) you will be able to solve unlimited captchas, you will able to send 5 captchas on time.
In total you can solve about 400k captchas per month which costs hundreds of dollars with other captcha solver alternatives.

Learn more about threads:
Understand the threads
How to calculate the CaptchaAI threads for your needs.

So how can we use CaptchaAI services is the option is not found in our software/bot?
It is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Run CaptchaAI emulator

Check Using CaptchaAI emulator guide.
2. Search for the 2captcha option and choose it
3. Insert your CaptchaAI key instead of 2captcha key
If still don't know how to get your CaptchaAI key, check How to Get Started

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