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How to solve Wrath AIO reCaptcha using CaptchaAI
How to solve Wrath AIO reCaptcha using CaptchaAI

Learn how to use CaptchaAI to solve Wrath Software captcha

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Wrath AIO bot is a hyped sneaker bot that supports multithreading which is the ability to carry out more than one task concurrently. The power to create and run multiple threads makes it possible for the bot to multitask which makes it the perfect bot if what you are looking for is a bot that can cope more than a pair at once.

Wrath doesn't have the option to directly connect to CaptchaAI services, we already contacted them, but until they add our services you can use CaptchaAI emulator to solve Wrath captchas.

Before you start you can check how to start if you need to learn more about CaptchaAI.

First, you need to Log in to your account on CaptchaAI to get your key from here

Install and run CaptchaAI emulator, download CaptchaAI emulator from here

Now go to the Wrath Captcha settings,

In the "Solver Type" section, Make "2Captcha" the"Default"

Then, Add your API Key on CaptchaAI which you already copied on the first step

Once you added your CaptchaAI API Key and all is set

To enable, just click on the check mark below

It seems that all is set and ready to run the software,

In this way, The captcha should be solved via CaptchaAI

To make sure that the emulator working successfully,

If you open website, 2Captcha website shouldn't be opened and you should see CaptchaAI logo

If you don't find CaptchaAI logo when you open 2Captcha website, There should be something missing in your work.

So we suggest re-follow the emulator running steps mentioned here:

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