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TEST - Test CaptchaAI services
TEST - Test CaptchaAI services

Test solving reCAPTCHAV2 with CaptchaAI services

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Note: This testing method is outdated and was conducted prior to the release of the CaptchaAI Chrome Extension. However, we still believe it may be useful in some debugging cases.

We recommend trying our latest testing method using CaptchaAI Chrome Extension:
- Test CaptchaAI services by installing CaptchaAI Extension Offline >> Click Here
- Test CaptchaAI services by installing CaptchaAI Extension Online >> Click Here

CaptchaAI is ready anytime to help you solve the biggest amount of Captchas.

Let’s test it together!

At first, you need to subscribe in one of CaptchaAI Plans starting from the Basic plan
If you need further support in this step, check the How to Get Started article

Subscribe via PayPal or pay from balance if you have
After you finishing the subscription step, We will move to the next step which is “Downloading CaptchaAI Emulator

CaptchaAI Emulator is CaptchaAI desktop app to emulate the captcha solving process.

Navigate to CaptchaAI Emulator page, Click on “Download CaptchaAI Emulator”

After you download the setup file, the smart screen may be triggered by Windows (Windows 8 or newer) because the installation file is still new and not recognized by Windows. You just ignore the warning and proceed to the installation by following the steps below:

If Windows SmartScreen pops up: Click on More Info

Then Run anyway

After that, Run the app as administrator, and Click on “Play” button

Please follow all the how to start steps after installing the CaptchaAI emulator app

Now, It’s the next step Solve demo reCAPTCHA!

Navigate to this Chrome extension, Click on “Add to Chrome

It will be added to the chrome extensions bar

Then, Click on it to add the following data:

  1. API: Just add your API key on Captcha AI Copy your API from here, then paste it in the API/TOCKEN field.

  2. SERVICE: Choose: 2Captcha ($2.99/1000)

  3. Leave a select on: AUTO SUBMIT FORM

  4. Leave a select on: AUTO CLICK CHECKBOX

  5. Click on “Play” button

After you finish performing these steps, One more step will be remaining

Just go to Google Recaptcha Demo link to start test solving reCAPTCHA V2

You will find that the existed reCaptcha is started to be solved automatically.

Then when success, it redirects to this success page.

Which means that your captcha is solved successfully.

Now, You are all set, and you are ready to solve unlimited captchas with CaptchaAI services.

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